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Krušnoman Extreme Punk Triathlon
Krušné hory
Krušnoman Cross Triathlon
Most - rekreační areál Matylda
Krušnoman Long&Short Duathlon
Sportareál Klíny - Krušné hory
Krušnoman Extreme Punk Triathlon
Krušné hory
Krušnoman Cross Triathlon
Most - Matylda
Krušnoman Long&Short Duathlon
Sportareal Kliny

Information / News

Letní Olympiáda Dětí a Mládeže - LODaM

Nominační kritéria na Letní Olympiádu Dětí a Mládeže pro rok 2019 v Libereckém kraji

Applications Long&Short Duathlon

Applications we will open December, 1st 2018

Applications Xterra Triathlon

Applications - XTERRA Krusnoman Most - from February, 1st 2019

Punk Triathlon 2018 - Results, photo

The Punkś Extreme Triathlon (4km of swimming + 180km of cycling + 44km of run with a total elevation of 5,000m) is the past. Thirteen athletes started at 6:00 in...

Duathlon 2018 - results, photo, video

There will be photos, videos, articles, interviews, results ...

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Krušnoman social network. From February 2013 you can communicate via facebook


I do recommend the book as quickly as possible

Extreme Punk Triathlon 2017 - Info, Results...

Krusnoman Open Training ( Extreme Punk Triathlon) on distance IRONMAN (4km swimming + 190km bike + 44km run) with complete altitude 5.001m....

Duathlon 2017 - Results, Photo, Video

Krusnoman Duathlon - Results, Photo, Video....

Duathlon 2016 - results, photo, reports

The joy, fatigue, humility ... my directorial feelings. Big thanks Klíny Sports Complex, one hundred organizers, competitors and weather. You are the best !!! You're Krušnoman :-).

Duathlon 2015 - Results, Photo, Video

Krusnomanś big thanks to: my wonderful organizers, athletes, their escorts, race partners, sponsors, weather, us a little strained and constantly made us look up. Enormous thanks to then travel to...

Xterra 2013 - Foto + Results

Thanks to all competitors, organizers, who is in you all day cared. Thanks are Sportareál and partners race. Photogallery by Mr. Cermak of CTA is really great. For the year...

Duathlon 2013: Results, photogallery, video

I thank all the competitors, organizers. You can see the results and photo gallery here.

Xterra 2012: Results, Foto...

You can inspect photos and the race results here. Results Krušnoman XTERRA Kliny on: http://www.czechtriseries.cz/results/race/195 .

Duathlon 2012: Results, Photo

Detailed results, links to photos and articles from 8.year Krušnoman Long Distance Duathlon 2012th

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